How to cure Flu and nasal congestion in Kid

Flu and Nasal Congestion Treatment

How to cure Flu and nasal congestion in Kid - If the kid has colds, flu and result in impaired breathing. Then the mother's task is to help her, because baby will be difficult to sleep when the condition strikes.

The mother must know how to handle it in the right way, ranging from the flu and nasal congestion. There are several traditional ways in order to secure the kid.

How to cure Flu and nasal congestion in Kid

Giving natural evaporation in kid

One way of treatment to overcome the nasal congestion in kid is by way of evaporation or inhalation. You can do this way a natural inhalation at home. Here's how you can give the steam from the hot water that is already shed by cajuput or white wood oil. It's very easy, you just have to put the little bucket containing hot water and has been shed with the oil  in little corner of the room. Let your baby is breathing in the steam from the water.

This at least could help your baby into the nasal congestion relief. And also you can hold a baby to help him to face-down on your hands and position your baby with a face was above a bucket containing warm water. It can help baby to inhale the steam from the hot water.

Warm your kid

Always give a sense of warmth for your kid. warming kids can be a treatment for flu and nasal congestion This can relieve breathing and provide comfort in your kid.

You can bathe your baby using warm water and then drying the baby at the time of the morning sun. That way the kid can feel the warmth also can help reduce nasal blockage. By the time your baby is asleep, you should set your room temperature.

You are advised not to use air conditioning at low temperature AIR CONDITIONING will aggravate the State of your baby's nose. Before going to bed, you can also use white wood oil on the abdomen, back and chest area as well as join with a gentle massage.

Massage your kid's nose

Massage baby’s nose gently on the area above the nose and eyebrows with a little oil-slathered, is very helpful in the relief of nasalblockage. so that the mucus in the nose a baby out, you can press gently using a handkerchief or cotton bud around the baby's nose. But you have to be careful, use a very soft handkerchief and don't place the cotton bud too deep into the nose of a baby when doing the treatment.

Set the kid Position on the bed

At the time of your baby's nasal congestion, set a good sleep position will be slightly relieve the respiratory system of the baby. Tilt the infant's body when to sleep, so by the time your baby's stuffy nose left you can tilt his sleep to the right side, if the right nose clogged you can tilt to the left side. However, try to position the head remains higher than the position of your baby's body.

Using Salt Solutions in kid

Since the treatment using the water of salt solutions is trusted can dilute mucus in the baby and smoothen the blockages that occur on the nose and also returns to its natural membranes in the nasal passage. You can make way like dissolve half a tablespoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Then input solution for nasal sprays in a baby or you can use the eyedropper. Squirt the solution into the baby's nose twice.

Do every day at least 3 times. Recommended very careful in doing so with much less for new moms should ask the help of your parents who have experienced doing this.

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