Tips on Kid's Health Protection from an Early Age

 Kid's Health Protection from an Early Age is a must because Lately disease attacks us so easily either adults or children with erratic weather patterns can cause health impaired, latest discovery shows that the various diseases of the adult like cholesterol, diabetes or hypertension can also be developed from early age.

Tips on Kid's Health Protection from an Early Age

Lifestyle Factors such as less active and less healthy eating patterns, and health knowledge is lacking on the child, contributing to their health in the future.

Kids today are less likely to have physical activity, due to the abundance of entertainment such as the internet, video games and television. Children choose to play games for hours rather than engaging in activities outside the home. Lack of physical activity and less healthy eating patterns can cause obesity at a young age, and can be the initial influx of disease alert.

Since children during growth, teach children to always consume various types of healthy foods such as vegetables, meat, processed fruits, and dairy products and so on. Help them to familiarize themselves with healthy, full of nutrients and balanced diet daily.

Healthy Food for Kid

health protection is also can be afforded familiarizing children to breakfast in the morning is very important, in addition to support growth and energy for their daily activities also to keep the resistance of the body to avoid disease.
Tips on Kid's Health Protection from an Early Age

At lunch the children also need to get food that is nutritious vegetables, supplemented with vitamins and minerals important for children. Sometimes a lunch prepared by their school, but better if you own lunch package that provides children from the House, because you  know better what it takes and in love by your child.

Similarly, at dinner time, Try to have dinner together, so you can speak with the child while observing the patterns and habits of their dinner.

Sport to support the growing and health

Parents should supervise that child does not spend time relaxing in front of the television or playing video games. Spend time playing outside with her friend has been very beneficial to growth, while the children play, laugh and move can boost growth and physical health of the child.

Tips on Kid's Health Protection from an Early Age

 Enough Rest Time for Kid

Your child is in need of a break. enough rest is very important for kid's Health Protection. Children need 9-12 hours of sleep time, depending on their age. at bedtime, the body will recharge energy after undergoing their activity. Sleep will support the growth and productivity of the child, as well as the mental and physical development of the child.

Tips on Kid's Health Protection

If the kids have less time off, it can cause some problems such as sleepy during the day, the lack of attention when children learn in school, body, lethargic, and others. For that a parent is obligated to pay attention to the child's sleep patterns to support growing and maintaining the health of the child.

In addition to the essentials above, parents should also educate and teach the children about public health factors such as hand washing with SOAP, hygiene, toothbrush routine before bed, and others that they avoid bacterial infections, and other diseases.

here is a video about hand washing correctly.

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