The best Baby Skin Care Treatment Tips that All mothers should know

Baby Skin Care Treatment

Newborn Baby Skin needs  to notice because The skin of newborn baby is still sensitive and prone to irritation. Therefore, doing a good and right baby skin care treatment is so important for a mother.
Newborn Baby Skin Care Tips that All mothers should know

This skin condition is not only still very smooth and soft but also weak immune systems as well. This can  make the skin vulnerable to chemicals, baby skin care products, fragrances, dyes clothes, detergents, and even water for a shower. Dry skin, blisters, rash, or irritation may occur if the mother is not careful when applying these chemical compounds into the skin.

Well, to keep skin always healthy, the mother can do the following baby's skin Treatment tips:

Do not bathe the baby too often. 

In this period, the baby's body is not so dirty so the mother does not need to bathe the baby too often. Too much contact with water, more than three times a week, can erode the natural oil levels in the body. In fact, the oil can keep the skin from drying.

During a month old or more, the mother can actually cleanse the body by simply wiping with a wet towel as much as 2-3 times a week. Especially mouth and genital area, the mother can clean it with a little water or by adding a little soap. It is suggested to keep your baby's skin from bar soap and bubble bath. Choose a mild liquid soap to keep the skin moist. Liquid soap is also not a pain in the eye.

Protect the baby from the direct sun light. 

Infants less than 6 months are advised not exposed to direct sunlight, especially at 10 am and 4 pm. If there is no other way but to bring your baby outside, you can apply special sunscreen to baby’s skin that is not wrapped in clothing. Choose an SPF 15 sunscreen containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Apply every two hours or every time he started to sweat.

Take care of his scalp carefully. 

Scalp of newborns are usually seen as dry or flaking dandruff. Or worse, his head filled with patches of hardening skin like yellowish, thick, and with oily scales. This condition is harmless and usually disappears by itself after a few months.

Now, you can scrape the condition of the head by washing their hair with special baby soft shampoo every day. Gently massage the head to help shed the scales. Then, use baby comb to remove scales. After that, the mother can rinse it with clean water.

Moisturize baby's skin. 

It is advisable to apply a fragrance-free moisturizer after bathing to avoid the skin becomes dry. skin care by Moisturizing creams are more advisable than lotions. Type of moisturizer lotion could be possibly irritating the baby’s skin.

Prevent diaper rash. 

Babies commonly experience this condition. Sign of diaper rash can be recognized by appearing reddish spots, acne spots or blisters in the diaper area. To prevent that from happening, you are advised to frequently change his diaper when it is wet or dirty because of feces.

Before diapering, make sure the skin is completely dry. Use a cream or ointment such as petroleum jelly and let it dry before putting on the diaper, it can prevent the skin becomes too wet.

Choose a special baby detergent. 

Not only baby’s clothes should be washed with this detergent but also the clothes all family members are also advised to use this special detergent as well. According to dermatologists, a rash may appear on baby's skin when having contact with anyone clothes. Wash all items, including blankets, bed linen and towels with a special baby detergent. But split the baby clothes to adult clothes. Choose detergents that do not wear fragrances and dyes.

Caring for a newborn baby's skin takes patience, because the skin is still sensitive. If  the babies was born with skin conditions such as eczema, mothers are advised to give extra attention to the babies’ skin care.

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