Home Remedies to treat vomiting in Babies

Vomiting Treatment in babies

Actually the occasional vomiting in babies are common in case of no more than two days. as parent you can apply Home remedies to stop vomiting in your babies. However a different story if the condition that happens for days. This possibility is a sign of a serious problem that requires medical help as quickly as possible.

Home Remedies to stop vomiting in Babies

Learn about the causes of Vomiting in babies

Nausea and vomiting is not a disease, but is a symptom. Understand the common causes of vomiting as the following:

  • Gastroenteritis or infectious microorganisms that occur in the digestive system, also known as the stomach flu. The signs are usually in the form of diarrhea, fever, and abdominal pain because Children accidentally swallowing toxic substances, such as drugs, chemicals, or contaminated food or drink.
  • Food allergies. Besides vomiting, symptoms appear can be accompanied by red and itchy skin. In addition it can appear swollen in the face, around the eyes, lips, tongue or palate.
  • Appendicitis which causes stomach pains are not bearable grew worse over time.
  • In addition, vomiting can also be caused by a urinary tract infection, meningitis, ear infections, stress or anxiety.

Home Vomiting Treatment in babies

The most important home remedy is continuing to give your kid plain water to avoid dehydration. Give this slowly with liquid portion of little by little. If still vomiting, give pause time until 20-30 minutes and then give fluids again.

Another way is to give the ORS fluid can be checked with a doctor for the dose. But don't force a child to drink these fluids if vomiting. ORS is available in the form of a powder which is then mixed with water before drinking. ORS contain sugar and minerals that help replace the missing elements from the body due to vomiting.

Conversely, if the nausea in her stomach already subsiding, follow these steps:
Give him a teaspoon of ORS every five minutes for two hours.
Add a dose of up to two teaspoons every five minutes if vomiting does occur.

Additionally, chamomile tea, peppermint, or ginger can also be served warm as a reliever of nausea and vomiting in babies.
Another intake that can be given is a soup broth or small-sized ice cubes are given every 15 minutes to help prevent dehydration. Avoid fruit juices and carbonated beverages until your child feel better.

Tact in dealing with Vomiting in Babies

We recommend that you consult your pediatrician before giving any medication. Not only so that the types of drugs given right but dose and the correct usage rules can also fit and safe for their age, weight and kid’s condition.

Further medication for vomiting in Babies

If vomiting in babies is getting worse. It's time for you to contact your doctor if things below occur:
Vomiting greenish tinge and there was blood. If blood appears very little, you actually do not need to worry too much, however, if the amount of blood the more or start a blackish color, immediately take it to the emergency medication care.

If Great abdominal pain appear. You deserve the alert because this could be a symptom of appendicitis, especially if abdominal pain next to Understand also if the little one is starting to show signs of fatigue and embossed sign of jaundice. Jaundice that accompany abdominal pain upper right side could be the signs of hepatitis.

Fever and severe headache, stiff neck, Photophobia is a condition that makes the eyes are too sensitive to light. This could be indicative of meningitis.

When vomiting subsides and appetite back, you can start to feed him as usual. Serve regular menu, a solid little meal, including complex carbohydrates, such as bread, cereals or rice. Add the meat without fat, yogurt, fruits, and vegetables. Yet still avoid fatty foods, at least until fully recovered. It's time the little one can smile again!

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