How to relieve constipation in children quickly

Treatment for Constipation

One of kid health problem is constipation. Children who have constipation or difficult in having bowel are generally not fatal case, that is common for them especially children in the age range of 2-3 years. this condition often affects children in general, but not all parents understand the treatments can be done to relieve constipation in children quickly.

Treatment to relieve constipation in children quickly

To know the kid has a bowel obstruction is relatively easy. If not defecate at least three times a week, probably the kid was having constipation. Another possibility to realize is the condition of the kid is constipated when he excrete a dirt that looks like chunks of small and hard.

Children who are suffering constipation may feel pain during bowel. Therefore, he is likely to postpone defecation making her condition worse. In addition, children with this condition may cry every time invited to the toilet for a bowel. Parents should be aware of the behavior.

Knowing the causes of constipation Make it Easily Solved

To find out how to treat constipation in children, parents should know what are the factors that  cause constipation. Some of the most common causes of constipation are:

A baby is introduced to solid food
Constipation commonly occurs in kids undergoing a transition from only consume fluids or breast milk to solid food. The digestive system is not yet accustomed to the presence of solid food in the stomach. In addition, notice enhancer risk factors, such as the less fibrous solid food

Children did not consume enough fluid

Deficiency of the liquid can cause waste into dry or hard so hard to be issued. In addition due to insufficient fluid intake, some children will be hard to accept food and drinks because their mouths problematic. Some oral problems being the trigger of the condition can be caused by the growth of baby teeth or sores or Another thing is that makes children lazy to drink due to colds, ear infections, or strep throat.

Constipation because formula

kids formulas have different nutritional composition of breast milk. This difference composition then makes formulas is more difficult to digest than breast milk. This then causes the kids' stools harder that cause constipation.

There are certain medical conditions

Certain medical conditions may contribute to the occurrence of constipation in children. In baby under 6 months of age, the cause is usually some gastrointestinal organ abnormalities at birth, cow's milk allergy, celiac disease, calcium levels are too high in the blood (hypercalcemia), hypothyroidism, Hirschsprung's disease, and spinal cord disorders.

Some other medical conditions that can cause babies to experience constipation or difficult bowel movements are such as food poisoning, food allergies, or allergic to cow's milk.

Here's treatment guidelines To Overcome Constipation in children

How to treat constipation in children should be differentiated according to age groups so that the benefits can be maximized. Unlike the adult body, the physical condition of the baby at each developmental age will vary and can not naturally make adjustments.

Constipation in infants aged less than six months need to be addressed as follows:
  •  if the kid is during given formula, discuss with your doctor to alter the composition of kid’s formula or to replace the formula.
  • A stool softener poloxamer drop as much as 0.3 ml can be added to infant formula to be given three times a day.

As for babies ranging in age from six months to two years is more appropriate for handling given below:

Provide a natural  laxative to treat constipation. Foods that are natural laxatives are most effective in treating constipation is prune juice. It is better to mix the juices of other fruits, such as apples, apricots, and cranberry. the flavors of prune juice that is preferably by a child. Boil prunes with a little fire to get the juice. Prune juice can be given 3 tablespoons with a frequency of three times a week. It aims to prevent constipation.

Another stool laxatives softener drug is lactulose, docusate, and sena. While drug such as bisacodyl, glycerine and microlax are a liquid that inserted into the buttocks of children is used to stimulate the emptying of the rectum. However, it should be noted that the provision of drugs of this type is used only when the child has severe constipation.

In addition, a mixture of paraffin oil can also be useful to soften and lubricate the stool to be easily removed.

Get used to sitting on the toilet regularly. This is done about 3-5 minutes after eating. Children were asked to sit on the toilet although did not feel like to have a bowel.

Provide healthy foods with added fibrous vegetables or fruit at least three times every day. Prioritizing to give him intake of fibrous skinned fruits that can be directly consumed, such as plums, apricots, peaches, or prunes. In addition to fruits, whole grain breads can also be given to him. Avoid cereals processed fast food, such as corn flakes or rice bubble.

Limit cow's milk. if your child is over the age of 18 months and avoid giving him a sweet drink before the main meal.

If parents have done treatment guidelines to relieve constipation in children above, but there is no change, then please do not hesitate to ask for medical help. Doctor aids are also required when the baby shows the discomfort of constipation suffered.

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