The Best Way to Teach a Child to Speak

How to Teach a Child to Speak?   

Teaching a Child to Speak in order to make them speak clearly and smoothly must be done by parent. actually, The children Around 1 year old may have started to pronounce the word or words. To be more smoothly, consider how to teach children to speak well.

Since he was born into the world, baby had learnt how to communicate Starting from crying to express feeling hungry, tired, or uncomfortable, until he could speak. Gradually, the baby will know and understand how to use words to describe what he saw, heard, felt, and think. In fact, before he began to utter his first words, he had to listen to and learn from everyone around him.

The Best Way to Teach a Child to Speak

And parents play a very important role in the development of children's speech and language. Experts believe that taking children to talk is one of the most effective ways for him to speak. Research even shows that children who are frequently invited to speak at an early age have a larger vocabulary and grammar better than those who do not.

In order to make children speak smoothly, you can do some activities with your children as the the following.

Frequently encourage your child to talk

For a baby, every day is an adventure. Tell us what happened that day. For example, " let’s have a shower now. The water was awful, warm. Later after bath, let’s wear a cloth okay. Then we will go for a walk. "Or every night before bed, talk anything that Mom and baby did on that day. Ask what he did during the day. For example, "Today is playing with whom? Where? "And so on. Try to leave a question whose answer is not simply "yes" and "no".

Read the story for your child

It's never too early to read stories to the Grassroots, even if he has not been able to speak. The mother can begin to read simple books that contain more images than stories. Apart from being one of the ways to teach children to speak, introduced the book as a child will develop their interest in reading.

Making up stories together

teaching a child to speak by making up story. Making story together can be done by generating a variety of characters, conflicts, and adventure. The story is of course that interests the baby and not intimidating.

Listening to music together

Small children love music and movement. When they listen to songs like Little Star or Hats I Round, they also learn about rhythm, language, and the world around them.

Asking activities for child

Do not hesitate to point and ask about things that Mom shows. For example shows objects such as flowers, leaves, trees, tables, chairs, aircraft, coffee, and ask Little, "It's called what, huh?" Do not forget to frequently visit the museum or the zoo in order to open up the baby’s horizons of knowledge and teach him new things.

Research showed that babies born in the family that a lot of talk has a higher IQ at age 3 than those whose families subdued. Let's start from now to practice language skills of children by teaching children to speak early.

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