How to get rid of Allergies in Babies

What is Allergy?

Parent should know How To Overcome Allergy naturally in their kids. to identify that your children are having allergies, you can observe this common sign. Have your children ever experienced the itching or sneezing suddenly after eating or inhaling something? It means that your children have an allergy.

Allergy is a condition when the body is exposed to strange substances or objects are allergen that causes our antibody system overreacting cause allergy symptoms.

How To Overcome Allergy Naturally

Allergies can be triggered by foods such as seafood, dirt from pollution, insect, pollen, fur, fungi and many more. Affected by allergies it can be infuriating. In some cases, it should be worried about.


Common allergy symptoms are like I mentioned below:

• Inflammation,
• reddened skin,
• swelling,
• Red spots, and
• Asthma.

Preventing and getting rid of allergies in babies

Allergies are sometimes indeed troublesome and disruptive. However, don't worry; preventing allergies can be done in various ways.
Well, when you have allergies, you should practice some tips to prevent it from coming again.

1. make sure the House is clean

Every time you enter the House, unwittingly, you allow allergen substance participated in. These allergen substances stuck to clothes, shoes, hair, and skin. Having Shower after doing activity outside, cleaning the House regularly, or leaving shoes outside will keep your home free of allergen substances.

2. Install air Filter to get rid of allergies 

One of the ways of spreading allergens substances are through the air. By installing air filters in AIR CONDITIONING or window, the rate of spreading at homes will drop to 95%. Another effective way is to shut the window so that the powder or dust does not get into the House.

3. Wear a mask  to overcome allergy

Wearing a mask can help preventing an allergen substance gets into the nose. Wear it when you clean up the House. Select a mask made from the N95, it can filter out small particles such as dust or pollen that can trigger your allergies.

4. Consumption of healthy foods

The study stated that the children who avidly consume healthy foods like vegetables and fruits are more robust against allergies. So, try inserting the vegetables or fruits in your dinner menu.

5. Drink lots of water to get rid of allergies

Drinking a lot of water help dilute mucus in the respiratory tract to relieve your allergies.

6. Clean House with the safe way

Be careful with your house cleaning tool. Instead of cleaning house, these tools can even trigger your allergies getting worse. Some home cleaning products contain chemicals that can irritate the nasal passages. In order to be secure, you can use secure products such as vinegar or baking soda to clean dust or dirt. Or buy a vacuum cleaner that has already equipped by HEPA filter to filter substances.

7. Evaporation  to get rid of allergies 

Inhaling steam is a simple way to relief the respiratory tract. Sitting across from the vessel contains hot water and then cover your baby's head with a towel and breathe in the steam. If you practice it regularly, this evaporation method can reduce your allergy symptoms.

8. Avoid cigarette smoke

Cigarette smoke can trigger allergy or even to make it worse. stay away from people or places that full of cigarette smoke.

Natural therapies  to get rid of allergies in babies

There are many natural remedies and treatments to relieve allergies. For example, you can use supplements taken from medicinal plants such as from the extract stinging nettle leaf or from flowers of Magnolia, Xanthium, Mint, Dandelions and other.

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