How to treat chicken pox in infants

What is Chicken Pox?

chicken pox in infants treatment guidelines - One of health problem that attacks infants is Chicken pox. Chicken pox is a disease that can spread easily and fast. Most of these conditions can be experienced by children aged less than 10 years, including a baby.

chicken pox in infants

What causes chicken pox in infants?    

The condition is caused by the varicella-zoster virus. If your baby is exposed to this virus, he will usually experience symptoms similar to the flu as a mild fever, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, and looked uncomfortable due to soreness in muscles he felt.

A few days later, the chicken pox rash may appear on his body, starting with small red spots that blister (containing fluid) in his face. Later, the spots will spread to the chest area, abdomen and thoroughly into the body.

You also may be able to find spots in the mouth and throat, scalp, and around the genitals.
After one or two days, water on the last spots will begin to dry and crusted. Then a week or two weeks later, the crust will fall off by itself. If children had skin problems like eczema, she might have chickenpox spots more.

Using drugs wisely on infants with chicken pox 

This condition can be cured by itself without the help of special medications. using drugs, such as paracetamol or antihistamines chlorphenamine, also usually not intended to overcome the chicken pox, but to relieve fever and discomfort. Always be careful when giving medicine to your baby and check first on the doctor that this drug is safe for babies his age.
Immunoglobulin injections can also be provided, especially for you who have a newborn baby. These injections are not to treat, but to prevent baby from suffering severe chickenpox.

Home treatment for infants with chicken pox

Besides using drug You can also do some of the following treatment to make our baby more comfortable when having chickenpox:
 Keep body fluids. To prevent dehydration, give infants a lot of fluid. You can give him breast milk, formula, or water to keep their bodies hydrated. If he is already eating solid foods, you can give him the soup. However, make sure the soup is not too hot and doesn’t contains a lot of salt that can irritate the mouth cavity.

Using the lotion. You can apply calamine lotion to his body. Lubricate body lotion to make the skin more comfortable from itching caused by chickenpox spots.

 Put the gloves on baby’s hand. Spots of chicken pox can cause tremendous itching, which can spontaneously scratched by baby. If baby scratches the spots of chickenpox, it can be infected and left a scar. To avoid this, put gloves on both hands. You can also cut the nails and keep hands clean.

Choose the right clothes. If freckles of small pox are so bad, choose a loose, soft, and cotton clothing. This cloth can protect him from heat or cold and prevent skin irritation. Avoid clothing made of coarse material such as wool.

 Bathe him by warm water. Do not bathe with cold water because it might make the baby trembling from the cold. 

Prevention guides to protect children from suffering chicken pox

To prevent infants from suffering chicken pox, keep him away from people who had chickenpox. People with shingles should also be kept away from children because the virus is similar to the virus that causes chickenpox. In addition, keep stuffs of people with chickenpox or shingles away from children.

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