How to treat Ear Pus infection In Children At Home

Treatment for Ear Pus infection In Children can do by yourself, The pain in the ear does not need to be treated in hospital. At the level of mild illness, the pain still be defused through first aid at home.

What is  Ear Pus infection? 

Ear pus, or in medical terms is referred to as otitis media, usually caused by an infection of the middle ear. Hoarding pus in the ear causing pain for several weeks and must be addressed urgently so as not to cause hearing problems.

How to treat Ear Pus infection In Children

Ear pus infection in children initially is experienced by those who have a cold or upper respiratory tract infection. Fluid from the airway will accumulate in the middle ear through a channel called the Eustachian pipe, and then create a place that is perfect for germs and viruses to proliferate.

Eustachian pipe is a tube that connects the middle ear to the back of the nose and throat. These channels are shorter and more horizontal in children than in adults. This is what makes microorganisms to cause middle ear infection. Middle ear infection generally occurs in kids under the age of 10 years.

The symptoms shown in children who experience an acute ear pus infection among them is a pain in the ears, lethargy, the child becomes irritable, crying, not eating, and restless. Sometimes children also experience fever and vomiting.

Why Ear pus happened?

As described above, ear pus most often affects children with upper respiratory tract infections. At the time of infection, respiratory tract will swell due to an inflammatory process formed by the body. This swelling will clog the conduits between the eardrum and the throat, called the Eustachian pipe.
Blockage of the Eustachian pipe it causes no air can enter the middle ear, causing a vacuum that will draw fluid and germs from the nose and throat to the middle ear.

At the time of bacteria into the middle ear, the white blood cells the body will react to eliminate the infection and prevent more extensive damage. Collection of dead white blood cells that fight infection is called pus. The pus is a long time will accumulate, so that pressing the eardrum and cause the eardrum to be prominent.

The protrusion of the eardrum is often accompanied by pain, so people will tend to seek help immediately. It needs to be treated promptly to avoid hearing loss.
In addition to medical treatment, treatment of ear pus can still be done naturally at home, especially to reduce pain and swelling.

 Ear Pus infection treatment at Home

The pain in the ear does not need to be treated in hospital. At the level of mild illness, the pain still be defused through first aid at home.

Efforts to do to relieve ear pus infection  are:

  • Apply warm water on the outside of the ear to help relieve the pain. But do it carefully, lest there dripping warm water and into the ear canal.
  • Cold water compresses can also be done if the warm water did not help. Compress the sore ear with cold water for 20 minutes. Avoid water temperatures too cold because it can cause frostbite (frostbite).
  •  Olive oil can also help reduce pain. Just give a few drops in each ear canal to relieve the pain.
  • Chewing or yawning can help relieve the pressure of the middle ear. Sometimes, the sound will pop that signifies the open and closed Eustachian pipe to balance the pressure.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. As the ideal dose, children aged 9-12 years old should be given 1.5 liters of water every day.

In addition to these natural treatments, medicines pain reliever and fever, such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen, can also be given to children who have ear pus infection. Antibiotics may also be prescribed by a doctor if the ear pus worse.

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