How to treat Eyes Infection in baby

Eye Infection Treatment

Treatment for Eyes Infection in baby must be addressed to medical expert. When the baby's eyes are contaminated, the white part of the eye can be very red and may discharge pus and excrement eye. Conditions that can make eyes feel sore and itchy is called conjunctivitis.

In addition to bacterial contamination, other causes of eyes infection are due to irritation, allergic reactions, or other things that may be more serious. Immediately consult a doctor if your baby is experiencing such conditions as these.

treatment of Eyes Infection in baby

Danger signs for the Visually Impaired

Parents also need to recognize the danger signs of eyes problems in chidren. Consult a doctor if your baby has one or more of the following danger signs:

  • One of the babies eye was never open.
  • Baby’s eyes has abnormal moves, for example, one eye moves and the other does not, or one eye to see a different direction when the other one is moving.
  • Babies always have an unusual white spot in his eyes when photographed using a camera with a flash.
  •  Baby’s eyes look murky, as there are white, gray, white, or yellow on a pupil.
  • Babies often rubbed his eyes when he was not sleepy.
  • The baby is sensitive to light.
  •  Babies often squint.
  • One eyeball baby is larger than the other.
  • Baby’s eyelids droop visible limp.
  • One or both eyes baby stand out.
  • Babies are not paying attention to the movement, light, or other distractions when he was already more than a month.
  • Also note the following symptoms when the baby is three months old.
  •  baby's eyes do not follow the movement of the toy in front of him.
  • The baby looks like tilting his head when looking at objects.
  • The baby’s eyeball moves inside or outside and stays that way.

 Treatment for eyes infection in baby

Doctors usually prescribe ointments or eye drops antibiotics need to be used for a few days to cure eyes infection. Wash your hands and make sure it clean before and after giving Ointments treatment, eye drops, or  touching the area around the baby's eyes. Also, avoid eye contact with the baby.

To ensure the health of the baby's eyes, parents should not forget to do antenatal examination, i.e. examination from head to toe of the baby, including specific examination of the eye, heart and hips. Especially for a baby boy will be added to the examination of the testes. Antenatal care should be first carried out in the range of 72 hours after birth and again at weeks 6-8.

Parents also need to play an active role to help the development of baby’s vision and also it is important to prevent eyes infection in baby.

The way such as by regularly changing the position of the crib and use a light sleeper or dim lights in the night, frequently Talk to the baby, replace the left and right position when breastfeeding, and put the toys in the baby's eyes focus distance, which is about 20-30 cm away from him.

All of these actions can help the development of baby’s visual stimulation as well as monitor eyes infection and others health condition better for your baby.

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