Benefits of Coconut Water during Pregnancy

Health Benefits of Coconut Water during Pregnancy has been proven such a long time. beside it can be a good treatment for dehydration, it can also beneficial to cure some pregnancy problems.

that's why Currently many producers of bottled drinks extract the benefits and taste of coconut water in their beverage. Many claim as super hydration drinks. In fact the reality is different.  If you are pregnant and want to consume coconut water, make sure you drink the original coconut water, not water that has coconut flavor.

Benefits of Coconut Water during Pregnancy

Is it good to eat coconut during pregnancy?

Besides being able to let go of thirst, coconut water is also healthy. That's why drinking of coconut water advised for pregnant women.

Why Coconut Water Helpful for Pregnant Women?

During the course of pregnancy, pregnant women can consume coconut water because it has a number of benefits for both mother and fetus. Benefits include:

Coconut Water can Strengthen the immune system

Coconut water contains lauric acid which is antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. Lauric acid will help the immune system such as helping fight the virus that causes herpes and flu. Supply of lauric acid is also very useful if breastfeeding later. This substance will make newborns more robust in the face of disease and infection.

Coconut Water can Helps reduce fatigue

The content of electrolytes in coconut water is excellent in replacing lost body fluids so that pregnant women avoid dehydration. Natural salt in the body can be replaced with coconut water because it contains natural salts such as sodium, potassium, and chloride.

Coconut Water can prevent urinary tract infections

Complaints are quite often experienced by pregnant women are urinary tract infections due to hormonal changes and development of the uterus presses the bladder. Coconut water is a natural diuretic that will make it easier for pregnant women secrete urine and prevent urinary tract infections. Some women helped in preventing urinary tract infections by consuming water head.

Coconut Water can ease Blood circulation

Coconut water is also useful for pregnant women to reduce aches and pains caused not optimal blood circulation system. If the blood circulation system is not optimal, then the fetus is at risk of not getting enough oxygen supply. Potassium and magnesium contained in coconut water plays an important role in pumping blood throughout the body from the heart. Potassium also helps muscles to move, nerve to work, and helps the kidneys filter the blood.

Coconut Water can overcome constipation

Meet the needs of fluids in the body also prevents someone having a bowel obstruction or constipation. Coconut water for pregnant women in addition to preventing dehydration can also prevent constipation.

What is side effect of coconut water during pregnancy?

There is no side effect that has been found due to consuming coconut water during pregnancy, but you should Consider the following hints if you want to eat them during pregnancy:

  • Do not overdo it, because the exaggeration of course is not good. Although tasty and contains a lot of benefits, coconut water cannot replace the position of fresh water. Still, the fresh water is the main beverage.
  • Make sure you drink coconut water comes directly from young coconuts and fresh. 
  • Strive to consume coconut water immediately after being cut 
  • Stop consuming coconut water if pregnant women do not like the taste or even make him uncomfortable.

Considering the many benefits of coconut water for pregnant women, there is no harm if you replace coffee and soft drinks with coconut water while pregnancy.

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