Health Benefits of Yogurt for Children

Why yogurt is good for you?

Health Benefits of Yogurt has been known by traditional health experts Since long time ago in doing treatment for some digestive problems. yogurt drink has known as healthful nutrition not only for adults but also for children. Because an important role of yogurt for digestion. When modern people have less eating fibrous menu, yogurt came to help. 

Health Benefits of Yogurt for Children

Most kids today do not like vegetables, rarely eat fruit, and excess protein menu of meat and poultry. Quality of feces and intestinal health ofchildren who do not fit as it can be helped by the presence of yogurt.

Yogurt builds our intestinal flora that contains good bacteria that is needed by the intestine in order to facilitate the work of digestion as well as a "force" gut guards, assist in the formation of normal stool, and repel disadvantage germs from the intestine. It is understandable if intestinal bacteria shortage of good friendly then the body is susceptible to disease.

A healthy intestine is rich in good bacteria that live side by side with our bodies and helped the formation of vitamin K for blood clotting.

Benefits of Yogurt for hair Conditioners and hair masks

Want to have a healthy and beautiful hair naturally?
No need to collect a lot of money to go to a fancy salon. Now, you can use yogurt as a natural mask and hair conditioner.

According to Jennifer Houston, American health practitioners, nutrients in yogurt can make the hair becomes soft and shiny. Take plain yogurt and then rub into the hair until evenly distributed. Rinse with warm water in order to make the skin pores are not dilated and reduce hair loss.

Benefits of Yogurt for Smoothing face and skin

Besides for hair, nutrition yogurt are also good for the skin. Not just for the face, but you also can use it for the entire body. Mix wheat with wheat flour or orange peel. Rub skin gets that you want treatment, massage gently so the nutrients can be absorbed more leverage. Rinse with warm water or cold water. Jennifer said the skin will be soft and not easy to dry.

Benefits of Yogurt for whitening teeth

To do so is easy, simply rub the yogurt into the teeth regularly. Do it regularly for a few weeks so that the results are satisfactory. According to Jennifer, yogurt contains magnesium and phosphorus that can help remove plaque on teeth and make teeth brighter and healthier.

Benefits of Yogurt for Treating burns

When burns a lot of people are using toothpaste to cool the skin. In fact, the toothpaste is not completely natural, so prone to causing infection. Instead, use plain yogurt that is rich in nutrients. Jennifer says yogurt containing zinc that could prevent the impact of wider burns on the skin. Apply directly on the burn for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water.

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