Natural Thrush Treatment for Babies

What is thrush in a baby?

If your baby suddenly does not want to drink or refuse to eat, there may be ulcers in the mouth cavity. You need to know the causes and Natural Treatment to overcome the Thrush in your Babies .
It could also be because there are other factors that make your child lost his appetite.

Natural Thrush Treatment for Babies

To find out, try opening the baby's mouth and see if there are white or yellow dots in the gums, inside the lip or cheek. If anything, it could be thrush.

Is Thrush Dangerous for Babies?

Thrush is very reasonable condition and often occurs in children. Generally after a few days it will heal by itself and often do not require special care. The effects of thrush usually are not too severe. It's just that the baby would be reluctant to eat or drink milk. Then it will cause lack of nutrients that the baby could not sleep well and tend to be more finicky. 

To help ease the pain, the baby should be given painkillers such as paracetamol. Your baby needs special care if various signs point to the danger thrush. Besides babies thrush is also often exposed to diseases caused by malnutrition.

Some signs when thrush dangerous for the baby is like:

  • Baby shows signs of dehydration because they cannot eat and drink such as nausea, vomiting, looking much wilted, not urinate and was very weak.
  • Babies cannot sleep because of hunger and thirst that can cause the baby to cry continuously.
  • Babies begin a fever over 38 degrees Celsius for more than 24 hours.
  • Baby looks very weak as the effects of lack of food and drink.
  • Body weight decreased dramatically as the baby looks less nutrients your body needs. (See also: the cause of the baby's weight does not rise)

Causes of Thrush in Babies

there are some things that might be triggers of thrush ininfants include:
  • Trauma to the mouth. Trauma can occur as a result of child accidentally bite the tongue or the inside of the lips. The bites can then be turned into thrush.
  • Food allergies.
  • Eating too many acidic fruits such as oranges and tomatoes.
  • Deficiency of certain vitamins such as folic acid, zinc, and B12.
  • Infected with the virus.
  • Descendants factors.

How to Prevent Thrush in babies

  • Keep all objects or any use by babies. For example if you give a toy like a doll or other toy types so keep the cleanliness of the toy. Babies love put anything in his mouth and this led to the spread of the source of infection that trigger thrush.

  • If your baby using a bottle of milk, then, do the washing baby bottles regularly. Bottle of milk into baby gear infect many sources of disease when used in a dirty state.
  • Rinse all food supplies for babies. You can soak a variety of equipment ate the baby with warm water. Warm water will help eliminate sources of disease attached to the cutlery. Also avoid the use of pacifiers from being exposed to the dangers of using the baby a pacifier.
  • Get used to wash baby clothes with warm or hot water. This will help clean up all the mushrooms on baby clothes. Remember that your baby may be biting the tip of his clothes as well. This will make the spread of the infection to the mouth more quickly.
  • If you are breastfeeding, then keep the cleanliness of the breastfeeding area .cleaning the area should be done before or after breastfeeding.

How to Overcome Thrush in Babies

Thrush can actually disappear by itself about 7-21 days, while the pain may last up to one and a half weeks. But do not wait just disappear without treatment. And you know how pangs mouth when experiencing thrush. Similarly perceived by your baby. Therefore, immediately handle when we see thrush in your baby. You also do not have to worry as thrush is not a contagious disease.

How do you treat thrush in babies?

Below are some steps you can do to overcome thrust in baby:

  • Compress thrush with ice cubes. The cold can make thrush become numb.
  • Providing soft textured foods and cold temperature also can try.
  • Make a solution consisting of water, salt and baking soda. After the solution so, dip a cotton in the solution and then paste it into the thrush gently. Do this 3-4 times a day. 


You can use this material as a foreign drugs or drugs in. For infants aged> 10 months, yogurt safe to eat and does not cause diarrhea, so you can give it to your baby. Whereas for infants aged <10 months, you should use yogurt as a control population of Candida fungus causes thrush way put them on the lips that thrush using cotton butih.

Banana and Honey

  Banana and Honey To overcome thrush in infants, you can also use bananas and honey as a medicine. thrush medicine for a baby this one are not only safe, it is also quite easy to make. Mash a ripe banana and mix honey to taste so textured pasta. Apply the paste right around the affected part thrush. Repeat administration of this paste 2 times a day until the baby thrush began to dry.

Coconut oil or VCO

Coconut oil or coconut oil VCO and VCO contains caprylic acid, an acid that helps fight fungal infections cause canker sores. You can use this one as a drug ingredient for infant thrush you how to apply them to the affected area using a cotton mouth clean. You also can apply coconut oil or VCO nipples before breastfeeding.

Coconut water

Coconut water also contains caprylic acid. Therefore, if the thrush in babies aged over 6 months, you can also try to exploit this content. Coconut water has been known as a panacea for heartburn and ulcers. give few spoonfuls of coconut water to help cope with canker sores in your baby.

baking Soda

Baking soda is alkaline. This property is not favored the Candida fungus causes thrush. Therefore, you can use this as a repellent properties thrush in your baby. Although it will cause sores in infants, but the treatment of mouth ulcers using baking soda has been proven and unfortunately if wasted. How to use the drug for a baby thrush This one is pretty easy. You can attach soda paste (made by mixing 1 scoop of pasta with water), then attach the nipple before breastfeeding. Using a clean cotton to help attach the pasta on infant thrush can also be carried out if the baby is still reluctant to suckle.

Salt water

Candida fungus does not like high salinity conditions. These properties you can use to overcome the thrush in infants. The trick is to increase the salinity of the area around thrush using salt water. Take a white cotton, dip it in salt water, and then attach the lip and oral cavity stricken baby thrush. Do it three times a day after a shower and see the changes.

Well so some traditional medicines thrush safe for use on babies. When applying some remedies above, your baby may be crying because of the pain it causes. However, you do not worry. The crying will stop in a moment as well as fungi that cause sores that come to die.
If you're concerned, you can take your child to the doctor and ask for a prescription drug that is appropriate to deal with thrush in infants. The doctor may prescribe medications such as ibuprofen or paracetamol with the appropriate dose as a pain reliever.

During the little experience thrush, avoid giving him food that is too hot and sour. This type of food can make his mouth became sore. You also can prevent it by maintaining oral hygiene by brushing teeth with a special baby toothbrush. Do it twice a day to remove food residue trigger canker sores.

If thrush in baby does not get better or even cause fever, skin rash, or swollen lymph glands, immediately consults a doctor.

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