Sore throat Treatment in Infants

Your Child feels pain when swallowing? Do not want to eat and fuss? It could be signs of strep throat. Other signs of strep throat in Infants  or pharyngitis in medical term can also make throat feel dry and itchy, accompanied by headache, body feels tired and sore muscles. As parent you don’t need to worry because sour throat is not a serious health problem in Infants  and you can provide treatment by yourself at home.

Sore throat Treatment in Infants

What is Sore Throat?

Sore throat is a symptom that most often affects Infants  and adolescents and is caused by a virus. But sometimes, strep throat in children can also be caused by bacteria.

Natural treatment guidelines to overcome Sore Throat in Children

Well, you do not worry because Strep throat in Infants  can heal by itself. Generally, children immune system in can overcome the virus within a week.

Consuming painkillers, drink plenty of water, and gargle with salt water is enough to help alleviate the symptoms of strep throat in children.

You can teach your children to gargle warm salt water to relieve sour throat. The way is mix about ¼ to ½ teaspoon of salt in a glass of water until dissolved, then gargle it for 2 or 3 times.

Drink plenty of water is very important that the child is not dehydrated. So, even though your child feels pain or difficulty swallowing, ask him to keep drinking water. The little one needs a lot of fluids, especially if he has a fever.

Is honey good for a sore throat?
Drinking warm drinks like tea with honey or cold drink such as apple juice and ice cream is also expected to relieve sore throat in children.

However, do not give citrus fruit or orange juice to children. Even though it is natural, citrus fruits can irritate your children throat. And besides, it is suggested that child has a lot of rest. Avoid giving food or drink that is too hot to your child.

However, if the baby really did not feel comfortable, you can give him medicines like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Of course, with the appropriate dose for children and have been consulted to the pediatrician. It is advisable not to give aspirin to children because it could cause Reye's syndrome which makes brain swelling.

You could also turn on the vaporizer or humidifier in your child's bedroom to moisturize the air around and relieve his throat inflammation.

Of course, check whether the filter is clean or not. Because, a dirty filter can increase the amount of germs in the air.

All the above methods can also be applied to the sore throat caused by bacteria, but it needs additional antibiotics as directed by your doctor.

Strep throat in children that is caused by the virus can recover without medical treatment, but if the strep sore throat does not disappear within a few days, fever, difficulty breathing, stiff neck or swelling immediately take the child to the pediatrician or emergency room In order to get treatment more quickly and accurately.

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