5 Common Causes of Flatulence in Babies

Sometimes babies can be very fussy and cry without being able to calm easily. One of the causes of this fussy baby is a bloated stomach and feels uncomfortable.

Flatulence in Babies

According to health experts, flatulence in infants with an age range of 3 to 6 months is a very reasonable thing to happen considering that at that age the digestive system has not really perfect so it can cause health problems. So that the baby is not easily exposed to flatulence, it helps parents pay attention to the following things.

Causes of Flatulence in Babies

1. Food consumed by the mother
When breastfeeding, anything that is consumed by the mother will have a big effect on the health of the baby, especially if the baby only get exclusive breastfeeding in the first six months. For this reason it is better for the mother to avoid the intake of foods that can cause gas like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, nuts, or onions as this can trigger bloating problems for babies.

2. Breastfeeding techniques
Unexpectedly, a way that is less appropriate feeding was also able to trigger a problem of flatulence for the baby. If we feed the baby with a less precise position like the baby's head position is too low, then it is feared the baby will be exposed to bloating problems.

3. Formula milk
Some babies can not get exclusive breastfeeding in their first six months for various reasons so eventually get formula. Unfortunately, many mothers do not consult a pediatrician or midwife in advance about the selection of this formula so milk consumption eventually triggers flatulenceproblems or even allergies in infants.

4. Use a fan
It's good parents do not carelessly in using a fan or air conditioner in the nursery. If not wise in using it, then the baby can easily experience flatulence.
Not immediately remove the diapers

5. Diaper
Unexpectedly, diapers that have been full or not replaced in a long time it can cause flatulence, allergies, or even irritation of thebaby's skin. Frequently change the baby's diaper so that it does not happen.

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