9 Early Symptoms of Brain Cancer in Children

What is Brain Cancer?

Brain Cancer is one type of Cancer that affects many children. Each year there are nearly 2000 children diagnosed with brain cancers. this is often detectable in children younger than 10 years. The disease is more likely to occur in children than in adults.

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Brain Cancer begins to attack the child when brain cells grow continuously over a short period of time. Uncontrolled growth of brain cells generally occurs in cells in the back of the brain, cerebellum which is responsible for controlling body movement and muscle coordination.

Early Symptoms of Brain Cancer in Children

1. Experiencing severe headaches in frequent intensity
Often the child will complain of a headache that is felt. Great headache, until the child cannot get out of bed. This headache is characterized by a pale face, and a reddish eyeball. In addition, not infrequently because feeling a very dizzy, the child will feel nauseated.

2. Have nausea and vomiting
Sense of nausea that arises as the impact that the body undergoes drastic changes conditions. In addition, severe headaches often also cause nausea. If dizziness and nausea lasts for a long time, even accompanied by high fever, then it's good to check the baby to the doctor immediately. Especially if the vomit is greenish color.

3. Children are seen often dropped suddenly
When running, even standing up, or doing other physical activities, the child is seen starting to fall often. Especially if you often encounter in frequent intensity. This is a sign that the child begins to lose his balance. The brain as the center of all human activity, so that if there is an injury or problems in the brain, it will affect the condition of the body in conducting activities.

4. The child experiences a dramatic decrease in vision ability
Cancer cells in the brain over time will spread to other parts. Because the brain is the center of all body activities, and the closest part of the body is the eye, then the spread of cancer cells in children will be marked by the child's vision began to be disturbed.

The signs of eye disorders are:
• The child's eyeball, unable to move responsively following the direction of moving objects
• The addition of minus the eye in a very fast period of time.
• The child's eyes look cross-eyed, indicating there is damage to the eye's nerve to the brain
• The child begins to complain that his vision is blurred and even dark when the room is filled with light

5. Child's ability to move began to decrease
The ability to move children began to decrease. If you have seen your child very agile in the activity, but suddenly he has difficulty to move the hands and feet, then you need to contact your doctor immediately. To be better if the child complains of pain in the joints in a long period of time, then as a precaution immediately consult a doctor.

6. Children often forget
With the presence of cancer cells that develop in the brain, indirectly the condition of the brain will be affected. Moreover, the ability of intelligence can also decrease as the spread of cancer cells.

7. Often lost consciousness
Cancer cells that spread to the brain, will affect the nervous system in the brain as well as blood vessels in the brain. As a result, all parts of the brain become not functioning optimally. The brain will experience a reduction in nutritional intake. As a result someone who has brain cancer does not close the possibility will often experience loss of consciousness or fainting.

8. Children tend to be emotional
In the brain, there are parts that serve to regulate emotion that is commonly known as the amygdala. When cancer cells spread to the amygdala, then cancer patients will experience emotional disturbances and even also experience behavioral changes.

9. Weight loss drastically
Sense of dizziness and nausea experienced by children will affect the decrease in appetite. So the child will tend to eat difficult. Thus, the child's condition will be weaker, weight reduced drastically, so the child will be susceptible to disease.

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