9 Common Liver Cancer symptoms in Child

Liver cancer, also known as Hepatoblastoma  can attack anyone, whether children or adults. However, this disease usually affects children from baby to the age of 3 years. If not treated quickly and immediately, this cancer can attack other organs. The main cause of the disease is not specifically known. In general, cancer is caused by genetic factors.


Liver Cancer symptoms in Children

As mentioned before, if the disease is not treated immediately it will be very dangerous, especially for children who are growing up. We need to know the various symptoms that may be experienced by children with liver cancer. Each child may experience different symptoms. 

The following is a general description of the symptoms of liver cancer in children.

1. The abdomen looks swollen

One sign that is common in children affected by liver cancer is swelling of the abdomen. This is because when liver cancer appears there will be enlargement of the liver, so the stomach looks enlarged.

2. Weight loss and decreased appetite

Children who develop liver cancer will lose weight because of appetite is reduced. This is caused by a difficult body to receive nutrients from food consumed, so the child does not have an appetite.

3. Boys experience early puberty

Puberty is a natural thing for anyone, including children. But it is different if puberty occurs prematurely or early puberty, especially in boys. Keep in mind that the child has liver cancer.

4. Frequent stomach pain

As a result of the swelling of the stomach as described in the previous points of the stomach will often feel pain. Beware and immediately do the examination by an expert  to diagnose liver cancer in the child.

5. Often feel nausea and vomiting

Children affected by liver cancer will often feel nausea and vomiting. Sometimes parents take this trivial phenomenon. When parents see their child often feeling nauseous and vomiting, it is advisable to check the child on a specialist. Because it could be nausea and vomiting is a symptom of liver cancer.

6. The eyes and skin will look yellow

Signs that generally occur due to liver cancer is the eyes and skin looks yellow. If these symptoms have appeared and very clearly visible, you should immediately do the handling and treatment as an effort to prevent and cure liver cancer in children.

7. Frequent fever

Children affected by liver cancer usually will have a fever. Fever that occurs is different from fever in general. When suffering from liver cancer, fever will last long enough. This is caused by the immune system is getting weakened because liver cancer has started to attack.

8. The skin feels itchy

For children suffering from liver cancer, their skin will itch. The itchiness that arises is not known clearly the cause. This itch usually lasts long enough.

9. The blood vessels in the abdomen are enlarged and visible through the skin

Another impact of the enlargement of the liver due to liver cancer is the blood vessels in the stomach enlarge, So that the blood vessels are visible from the abdominal skin of children. 

If symptoms of liver cancer have occurred in children, it is better to consult immediately to a specialist to get proper medication.

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