Symptoms of Kidney cancer in child

Kidney cancer or Nephroblastoma in children is rare but the possibility to develop this cancer could happen to your child. If cancer symptoms are diagnosed at an early stage, there are still plenty of opportunities to be cured completely.


Kidney cancer in children is due to the growth of Wilmstumor or nephroblastomas in the kidneys. In children, kidney cancer affects only one kidney.

Experts believe that the formation of tumors in the kidneys of children has started since in the womb. As the fetus begins to develop in the womb, the tumor also grows simultaneously. The growth of the tumor may be due to exposure to free radicals during pregnancy.

Childhood Kidney cancer Symptoms

As quoted from onlymyhealth (2012), you need to be vigilant if your child starts developing various signs and symptoms of the following kidney cancer:

1. Swelling and abdominal pain
Swelling and abdominal pain are the most common symptoms of kidney cancer in children caused by tumor formation in the kidney of a child. Generally, the tumor will not cause pain if the size is still small.

This causes the difficulty of detecting kidney cancer in the early stages. When the tumor grows and begins to enlarge, it can cause pain in the child's abdomen. The most striking mark is the increase in the size of a child's diaper.

Sometimes there can also be bleeding in the tumor and cause unbearable pain, so the child may be constantly crying.

2. Blood in urine
If the urine of the child is reddish or pink, it may be caused by the presence of blood in it or so-called hematuria.

The presence of blood in the urine is one sign of the development of cancer in the kidney of the child, in which the tumor has infected the kidney cells.

The blood indicates an infection of the excretion process. If the condition arises, immediately check your child's condition to the doctor.

3. Symptoms like flu
Children suffering from kidney cancer generally show flu-like symptoms such as vomiting, fever, nausea, and chills. Children with Wilms tumor also experience loss of appetite and cause weight loss drastically.

If the cancer has developed to infect the respiratory organs such as the lungs, symptoms such as cough and shortness of breath may also occur. Because the symptoms are similar to the common cold, parents usually only treat the flu alone without checking further to the doctor.

4. Fever for no apparent reason

Children who develop kidney cancer will usually have recurrent fevers for no apparent reason. The fever will heal immediately heal by itself, then the child will sweat great and severe fatigue.

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