Symptoms of Lymph Cancer in Child

What is Lymph Cancer?

Malignant or lymph node lymphoma is a cancer usually characterized by rapid enlargement and swelling of the lymph nodes without pain. Enlargement can occur in the neck, armpits, groin, intestines. This disease has the highest incidence rate in children aged 5-7 years.


There are several ways to detect the symptoms of lymphcancer in children, although children should get a blood test first to be more convincing. 

Parents should be aware that there are two types of lymph node cancer in children namely Hodgin cancer and non-Hodgin cancer. 

Both have symptoms that can be detected in children although in some cases not all symptoms are clearly visible.

Symptoms of Lymph Cancer

Symptoms of Hodgkin's lymph node cancer in children are usually seen with: 
  • enlarged glands. Glands located in the neck, armpit, groin and abdomen. 
  • Some patients may feel dizzy, no appetite or itching. 
  • Weight is also reduced and fever will appear. 
Because these symptoms are common in some diseases, parents should talk to their doctor if symptoms do not go away within two weeks.

Symptoms of non-Hodgkin's cancer may indicate with: 
  • swollen glands in the neck, armpit or groin area, may also appear in the abdomen causing extreme pain. 
  • The chest area can also occur swelling that causes shortness of breath. 
  • Other symptoms are fever, weight loss and night sweats.

Symptoms of lymph node cancer in children is a little confusing because the symptoms can also be found in other diseases rather mild like influenza. Since both types of lymph node cancer are uncommon then experts advise patients to be checked further through blood tests in the laboratory. Especially if the symptoms do not disappear within two weeks.

The difference between Hodgkin's lymph node cancer and non-Hodgin is the presence of itching and dry skin that appears in Hodgkin's cancer. 

In non-Hodgkin's cancer does not arise such itching. This itching is usually more severe than a dry, cracked skin. Patients often scratch the surface of the skin with a strong even rough because it can not stand with the itching it caused. 

Symptoms of lymph node cancer in children like that may be the concern of parents to always be vigilant with this disease.

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