3 Common Diabetes Symptoms in Toddlers

Diabetes is a condition in which the body fails to produce insulin or absorb insulin. Both of these will increase the sugar levels in the blood that can harm the health of the body. Currently the number of diabetics is increasing drastically. Even children can get this disease. Most children have type 1 diabetes that can turn to be more severe if symptoms are not detected early.

diabetes in toddlers warning signs

Here are the early symptoms of diabetes in toddlers

1. Often Thirst and Pee

When playing actively with friends his age, reasonable when the child will often feel thirsty because he sweats a lot. However, if the child is suddenly often thirsty for no apparent reason, you need to be vigilant because this could be a sign of diabetes.
Yes, as the level of sugar in the blood increases, the fluid will be "attracted" out of the small body tissue so that he so often feel thirsty. Because of frequent drinking to relieve thirst, his desire to urinate will also increase.

2. Easy to feel hungry

As a parent, Mother would be happy if the Small eat with gusto. Even so, the doctor I consult online says, Mothers need to be vigilant if the child often ask for food because suddenly feel hungry. Because, this could be a sign that he has diabetes.
When exposed to diabetes, the amount of Insulin, the hormone that regulates Carbohydrates and blood sugar levels decreases. These causes the child tend to not energized, more easily weak, and quickly feel hungry. As a result, he became more often asked for food.

3. Weight Loss Drastically

This point may be contrary to the previous symptoms, ma'am. But, it is this weirdness that became one of the most obvious symptoms that you need to be aware of. When exposed to diabetes, the child's weight will continue to decline even though he eats more often. This happens because the baby's body is not able to convert sugar into energy so that muscle and fat tissue in the body becomes weaker. In effect, his weight was down. 

So, if this symptom is found in the child, Mother is advised to immediately consult a pediatrician so that the best help can be immediately given.

That's three symptoms of diabetes in toddlers that need to be aware of. For the sake of maintaining your children’s health, consult the pediatrician when the symptoms had begun to appear on your child.

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