Croup Symptoms in Baby

Croup is one type of respiratory tract infection commonly experienced by baby aged six months to three years but it can also attack older children. 

Croup is commonly caused by viruses that infect the larynx or voice box and trachea or windpipe, both of which are the air intake into the lungs. Infections of the upper respiratory tract result in typical coughing sounds such as barking. 


Viral infections cause swelling of the larynx and blockage of the trachea that may affect the lungs as well.

Childhood Croup Symptoms

Some flu-like symptoms can be experienced by the child several days before the onset of croup symptoms, such as runny nose, sore throat, cough, and fever that can last up to several days.

Common symptoms of croup that later accompanies this condition include breathing difficulties, hoarseness, coughing sounds like loud barking, and high-pitched rough sounds when inhaling.

These sounds and symptoms will be easier to hear and get worse when the child cries or when they sleep at night. These symptoms can last several days to two weeks.

Immediately see a doctor if your child has more serious symptoms, such as shortness of breathe with the distance to take a breath that is too close so the child is difficult to speak or eat or drink.

Listen to the child's chest to check for breath sounds, rapidly increasing heartbeat rhythms or vice versa. Pay attention to children who become restless, easy to feel disturbed, and always feel tired and sleepy. Increased cough, fever, skin turning blue or pale, and increasingly visible breastbone and ribs may also be considered symptoms that require immediate medical attention.

Self-examination of the child's own throat is strongly discouraged because it can adversely affect the airways and increase the swelling that makes breathing even more difficult.

Take the child to the doctor to get a diagnosis and treatment according to the symptoms.

Children who continue to experience respiratory problems should be seen immediately to the doctor because it can require further treatment at the hospital. 

Adrenaline injections through the nebulizer can reduce the increasingly severe symptoms of croup. The child will inhale the medicine in the form of small water points.

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