How to get rid of sunburn on Baby

Everyone may get sunburn including baby. this condition can be painful and itches that can make baby uncomfortable and hard to sleep. that's why it is important for parent to practice some treatment tips to relieve the baby sunburn.

Inviting children to play outdoors, certainly feels good. In addition to encouraging child to explore the surrounding environment, playing can also train his motoric skill. Therefore, I am not tired of inviting the Little one to play in the yard, playground, or even the beach.

5 treatment tips for sunburn

I know, some mothers rarely take the little child outdoors is for security reasons. One is the risk of sunburned skin. Skin can burn if already in the sun for 15 minutes. However, the effects of redness and discomfort will be felt a few hours later. That is why, the use of sunscreen has become a liability to prevent skin burn and skin cancer risk.

Well, if the skin of the baby is already burning, you do not have to worry too much. Instead, do the following to treat it:

1. Keep out of the sun

When the baby's skin is already showing a reddish color, it's a sign that his skin is starting to burn. Instead, take the baby to the shady place. In addition to preventing skin conditions getting worse, the cool air in the shade can reduce the discomfort that the little one feel.

2. Bathe with cool water

The skin of the Small child is soft and smooth, sunburn and become reddish. When in contact with the cool water, he will feel more comfortable. Therefore, Mother can bathe or just compress the skin to provide a sense of comfort. Avoid water that is too cold or warm temperatures when bathing, because it causes uncomfortable and even painful.

3. Give a drink

Mom, when your child skin burns, not only impact the outer appearance but also he is also at risk of dehydration due to lack of fluids. Therefore, give lots of drinking water to restore the body fluids. The mother can also give her breast milk if the baby still consumes it.

4. Use a moisturizer

After the skin is cleaned, Mother can apply moisturizer to make chidren skin more comfortable. Try, the moisturizer you use contains aloe vera. This is because aloe vera is believed to reduce the burning sensation on the skin. Apply it gently and avoid rubbing his skin too roughly. However, if your baby feels pain when her skin comes in contact with a moisturizer, you should stop using it.

5. Protect from the sun

The little one who is actively moving and exploring, often makes it difficult for Mother to forbid her out of the house and avoid the sun. Therefore, Mother can protect her by using SPF 15 or stronger lotion, and wearing a hat between ten and four o'clock in the morning, so that she is protected despite playing outdoors. It is important that the condition of his burning skin is not getting worse.

Well, apparently it is not difficult to treat skin burn on children, is it? As long as the symptoms are still normal, ie no fever and vomiting, you can do your own treatment at home. Even so, pediatric consultation should be done immediately if he has a swollen face, headache, fever, vomiting, and unconsciousness. In addition, avoid giving drugs if you have not consulted with the medical expert. Hopefully your child will get better soon.

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